Prof. Dr. Kabir Sadeghi
Prof. Dr. Kabir Sadeghi
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Professor Kabir Sadeghi is a distinguished figure in the field of Civil (Structural) Engineering, holding a Ph.D. degree from the prestigious University of Nantes/École Centrale de Nantes in France in March 1995 and a Deep Studies Diplôme "D.E.A." degree in Civil Engineering (Land-base and Maritime Dynamics and Civil Engineering) in May 1991. His academic journey includes an M.Sc. degree in Structural Engineering and a B.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from the reputable Amirkabir University of Technology (1986 and 1979, respectively).

Throughout his illustrious career, Professor Sadeghi has made significant contributions to the field. He has developed five innovative algorithms/formulations aimed at numerically simulating the nonlinear behavior and damage of structural members, as well as confined and unconfined concretes. His body of work includes the publication of over 100 scientific articles in peer-reviewed SCI Journals, Scopus Indexed Journals, International Journals, and International conferences. Remarkably, more than half of these publications bear his single authorship or position him as the first author. In addition to his articles, he has authored two pivotal technical books, widely regarded as references for marine and offshore structural engineers, Master's students, Ph.D. candidates, researchers, and Professors/Lecturers.

Professor Sadeghi boasts extensive experience and collaborations in diverse domains, including high-rise buildings, and marine, onshore, offshore, and industrial structures. He has had critical roles in international projects, serving as a project manager, project engineering manager, senior consultant, designer, and supervisor. His impact is also felt through his founding of the Iranian Marine and Offshore Structures National Code and his establishment of the biannual International Conferences on Coasts, Ports, and Marine Structures (ICOPMAS). Additionally, he has organized and chaired the International Scientific Committee of ICOPMAS90, ICOPMAS96, ICOPMAS98, and ICOPMAS2004.

Since 1986, Professor Sadeghi has been dedicated to education and research, imparting his wisdom as a full-time or part-time professor in well-known institutions such as Sharif University of Technology, Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran Science and Technology University, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Shahid Beheshti University, Girne American University (where he served as the founding Head of the Civil Engineering Department), and Near East University. His leadership and administrative prowess are evident in his roles as Engineering Deputy Managing Director, Vice-Rector, Dean of Faculty, and Head of Department.

In September 2015, Professor Sadeghi took up the mantle at Near East University, where he currently serves as the Head of the Civil Engineering Department, Postgraduate Programs. His exceptional contributions have been duly recognized, with Prof. Sadeghi receiving the Scientific Publication Awards in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021 from the Near East University.


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