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Added On: 30 November 2018, 12:05
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In 1992/93 academic year, education was started in Civil Engineering English Program. Turkish Civil Engineering Department was opened on March 25, 2013.

Currently (2017-2018 academic year) these two programs are 1287 students from 33 countries. In addition to the undergraduate program in Turkish and English, 126 students, of whom 109 are PhD and 17 are PhD, continue their master and doctorate studies.

In 2017/2018, after the preparations and after all the preparations in the Environmental Engineering Department of English, a new period of training will be offered.

Finally, the conversion of these 3 departments within the Faculty of Engineering to a new faculty has been carried out.

As of April 30, Near East University has gained a new faculty and the Faculty of Construction and Environmental Engineering has been established as the 17th faculty.


Faculty Mission

In the region, which hosts students from many different countries and provides education at the international level, who can use new and advanced technologies in line with the basic vision of Near East University, who are responsible for the environment and society, can compete on a global scale with a multidisciplinary and innovative approach, have professional ethical values ​​and morality, to train engineers who can contribute to science and technology.


Faculty Vision

The vision of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering is to be a leading faculty that produces engineering solutions in order to meet the needs of the society and to increase the well-being of the society at high level by educating engineers with high hardware, professional and leadership qualifications in line with its mission and by carrying out high level scientific studies.